The southern most point of continental Asia

Uhm okay. My name is Parvis Brahim. I am a Muslim and currently living and working in Singapore. I am a business graduate. I love tennis and my idol is Rafael Nadal. I don’t drink and smoke. I wish I was 3 inches taller. I am obsessed with all things Harry Potter. I hate cold places. I don’t eat vegetables and I don’t drink soda and coffee. I am stubborn. Some people might consider me as a douche or whatever. But that’s their business.

I have a fragile ego. I am apolitical. I am not really very resilient. I’m a sucker for adventure though patience is not exactly my best companion. And I don’t indulge stupid people.

Lastly, no, this is not a travel blog (well, at least not completely). My blog title (used to be The Solitary Traveler) simply connotes that life is merely a journey and it is as such that we all take on our own.

Of course, I do travel from time to time. And I do blog about it.


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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Parvis. Oddly enough, I found your blog by searching for photos taken with the Olympus TG-2, because I just ordered one for myself and am a little overexcited about it. But I just wanted to say that even though you say you’re “not a photographer”, you’re very good at it, and have a natural eye. Perhaps you meant “not professional”? But there’s always time for that.
    You may have also inspired me to dust off my own blog, which is withering from lack of attention over there in the corner of this site somewhere….

    Many more happy travels to you!

    1. Hi Sean. You’re right, I meant to say professional. I am very much satisfied with TG-2 and I hope you will find the same satisfaction with it. It’s a bummer that I lost the black ring while I was in Disneyland! I prefer it better than the red one. *sigh* I guess I can admit that it’s one of TG-2’s cons. The ring doesn’t lock in tight enough.

      But I’m glad to inspire a “revival”. Which site is this by the way?

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