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Oil paint photographs

I have been playing around with Photoshop lately and have grown much fond of the oil paint filter. It all started with a picture I took from the station waiting for my train. It shows the oncoming train with a nice condo called Prive right beside it. I was using my HTC One S phone and the picture didn’t come out too nice upon inspection on my laptop. It was a bit dim (against the light) but I know the whole perspective of the shot was good.

Desperate to enhance it a bit, I initially wanted it to look like a cartoon/comic. Then I tried the oil paint filter and surprisingly the photo looked great! So I stuck with it and looked for some more pics that would look better using that filter. And here are those pics I have chosen. They are best viewed in full screen to see the details so just click on them for bigger images.


One comment on “Oil paint photographs

  1. Daria Hvozdyk
    January 12, 2015

    Oil paint is simply amazing on your photos, thanks, Parvis! I would be glad if you could link to Carde App, and I would view your content from social media there. Find links here – carde-app.com . I enjoy your travels, waiting to see you there, too! 🙂 Daria.

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