Boris Becker

Meeting Boris Becker

As we were awaiting our flight at the pre-departure area in Maldives, I noticed this really tall guy passing by with his whole family. He was pale white and from the side view, I thought he resembled some one…famous. So I watched them as they settled 2 tables away from us. I got a glimpse of his whole face for a second and it got me excited. Could that be him?

I know that some celebrities look different in person so I couldn’t be too sure of him. So, I kept staring at him. My gut was telling me that that’s him. So to satisfy my curiosity, I stood up and wandered around their table and took a closer look at him. As I did that, he caught me doing that and I immediately looked away and pretended to be going in the other direction.

From the look on his face as he saw me looking at him, I knew that he knew that I already recognized him. I shared this good news to my siblings. But still only 80% sure it’s him. All of us got excited. I knew I had to do something to first make sure it’s him then make sure I don’t miss the chance to have a picture of him.

As he and his presumably wife stood to order their food at the Thai place, I quickly walked towards their table where a young girl was left behind. I tapped her and asked her if the guy who is with him is his dad. And she said no. He is my sister’s fiance, she said. And I asked her next, is he Boris Becker? And she said yes. And I replied, I knew it! Then I asked her if he is always fine with people asking him for a picture and she said he doesn’t mind at all. And that gave me more confidence. But I just had to find the right moment.

So I looked over at the counter where they were ordering their food. And he was still waiting for his food to arrive. It took me about 3 seconds to realize that this is the moment. I can’t wait for him to get to his table eating dinner and ask him for a picture. That would be rude and awkward. So my 2 sisters and I ran as fast as we could and approached him and asked him are you Boris Becker and he said yes. And I politely asked him for a picture and he said sure. And that was it! I finally meet my very first tennis player! And a legend at that!

You see, tennis is 1 of only 3 passions I have left, along with traveling and Harry Potter. This was like a “so stoked” moment for me. And very unexpected. A truly pleasant surprise. I already did plan to watch the WTA championships later this year in Singapore and that would have been my first ever tennis experience. My dream is to meet Rafael Nadal in person and in a match play. Some day I hope!

Boris Becker
Boris Becker

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