Officially in my 30s


I just got back from a full week holiday in paradise, all sunburned, charcoal dark and peeling away like a snake would shed its skin. It coincided with the New Year and my birthday. You see, I celebrated my last year of being in my 20s in Boracay. Last week, I embraced a new milestone in my life by celebrating my 30th birthday in Maldives.

It doesn’t feel anything special except, it just only made me realize even more that I am now a full grown adult who must deal with life with no more excuses. The youth is behind me now. And looking back, I can say that I have had my fair share of disappointments and a handful of accomplishments as well. I can’t say however that I have achieved any of my major life goals. But that only means that I have far more things to look forward to from here on.

This new chapter of my life does pose pressure when people around you expect you to have reached a certain level of “success” in a “traditional” sense and where you need to be. This is hugely the reason why I consciously [try to] stay away from all social media sites. It’s very hard to convince someone that success is always relative. I hate that people tend to compare lives, usually professionally and materialistically and pry especially on your romantic life.

I just wanna live a life exempt of hearing people asking me questions that are more out of curiosity than of a genuine concern. I have my family and some close friends I keep around. And they really are all I need.


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