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Spending the new year in paradise

In retrospect, I have spent the new year in 2012 working until 5 am and in 2013 spent it sleeping. I have promised myself that I would do something a little more memorable than that the following year, not because we celebrate New Year per se as we don’t. But because I want to live an exciting life and nothing could be more exciting than spending [any] day in a paradise like no other.

Spent the whole day in Maadhoo Finolhu island as we await the New Year

Spent the whole day in Maadhoo Finolhu island as we await the New Year

I was determined to make that happen that I booked all our flights and hotels 11 months ahead. And I could not be more thrilled that it became into realization. I was able to end 2013 and greet the new year of 2014 in the islands of Maldives!**

Since it’s a Muslim country, the nation doesn’t really celebrate the New Year. Instead, the hotels just do a little something for their guests who do celebrate it. In our island, there was just a simple bon fire and a 2013 sign was lit up with fire as we counted down to 2014. I was just happy to have spent it with my 2 sisters.

**complete picture post to come later

New Year in Maldives

New Year celebration in Maldives

New Year's eve in Maldives

New Year’s eve in Maldives with my sister

New Year’s Eve with my 2 sisters in Maldives



2 comments on “Spending the new year in paradise

  1. Ardun Ward
    January 8, 2014

    Great stuff Parvis, doing it in style! There’s no better feeling than making a dream a reality. All the best for 2014!

    • Parvis Brahim
      January 9, 2014

      All the best to you too, Ardun! Here’s to having more realized dreams!

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