Life is a constant battle with change


There are those we can control and then there are those we cannot.

It’s true that some changes are for the good and they bring pleasant surprises. These are the ones that take us high above the clouds and provide us motivation to carry on and live the “good life” especially knowing that it was your own choosing. You feel like you can conquer the world.

But the ones that make our hearts stop, our minds go blank and our bodies go limp are certainly more common and the ones we can’t control. They are the ones that we never expect; we never want to happen; and we never absolutely ask for. Naturally, our initial reaction to them is usually negative.

But the reality is we don’t have a choice but to learn how to deal with them. You just really need to take a moment, sit back and calm your mind. And soon enough, you will find out what you feel you have to do regardless if you fully understand what it all means for your life.

Life is a constant battle with change. And despite its frequency and unpredictableness, one can never seem to grow strong enough to not be shaken by it. It’s as if the universe is reminding us that it is okay to be vulnerable and weak and give in to life’s ultimate challenge that we are not always in control.

So what if you get sidetracked in your life plans? Aren’t we all programmed to cope with challenges? Do you actually wish to live a life of familiarity? To live your same old life for ever? Aren’t you supposed to feel a tad bit good about yourself that the universe trusts and believes in you that no matter what, you will overcome them?

Forget about the past as there is no point in looking back at it. And don’t even bother thinking about the future as it is a mere illusion. Today is all we have that’s real. And however we feel about it, today is where we are meant to be.


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