Odd pictures, odd places

Probably the Travel 101 of all Travel 101s is when we go for a vacation to visit a new city especially with limited time, we make sure to not miss the famous landmarks and tourist spots. It is almost a crime to do otherwise. Surely, all of us have pre-conceived notion of how these famous landmarks should make you feel and appeal to you in person. And based on personal experience, some far exceed our expectations and some just disappointingly underwhelm us.

Either way, we see to it to take pictures of them, another Travel 101. But have you ever felt like some parts of the city just don’t quite represent what the city tends to portray itself from either all those tourism ads you see on TV, read on a magazine/book, see from a movie or even just based on the pictures you saw from your family or friends’ vacation photos?

And then there are those spots that look very familiar and similar that it could be anywhere from the places you have been before.

When I spot these “oddities”, as I’d like to call them, I tend to quickly take a snapshot of them just because I like to polarize the good, the unique, the odd and sometimes the bad sides of the city. And with that, I ask my readers to play a little game 🙂

There’s only 1 rule and that is to simply guess the correct city from the choices given from each of the photo.


#1 – A) Bangkok B) Singapore C) Kuala Lumpur
#2 – A) Macau B) Hanoi C) Manila
#3 – A) Kuala Lumpur B) Siem Reap C) Bangkok
#4 – A) Bali B) Manila C) Hanoi
#5 – A) Manila B) Hanoi C) Bangkok
#6 – A) Bali B) Krabi C) Davao
#7 – A) Boracay B) Hong Kong C) Siem Reap
#8 – A) Singapore B) Macau C) Hong Kong
#9 – A) Macau B) Singapore C) Kuala Lumpur
#10 – A) Manila B) Bali C) Siem Reap
#11 – A) Bangkok B) Singapore C) Kuala Lumpur
#12 – A) Boracay B) Davao C) Krabi

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