I’m a platformer superstar!

Remember those times when you try to finish Mario with your Family Computer within the day and in one straight gameplay because if you don’t, you’re gonna have to do every single stage all over again on the next try? This was the time when there was no such thing as memory cards to save your games. This caused many kids of the 80s become reluctant to leave their video games to eat or even take a shower.

Focus and patience and dedication. I know we will never go back to an era where the only way to survive a game is to play it in one sitting. No saving of games. No resets. It’s either you win it in one gameplay or you have to start from the beginning. It’s like it’s all or nothing. The thought of doing it all over again was the ultimate challenge and subsequently, the goal became surviving the bloody game before bedtime! You couldn’t possibly pause the game overnight for the next day and risk the console exploding from overheating.

Of course arguably, the gameplays back then were much simpler and easier compared to a more complex, harder games we have to day. I just think that having the option to save games at a certain level makes the gamer less committed. **debate ensues**

And with the internet conveniently at hand, the temptation is pretty strong and it becomes so easy for you to cheat your way out of a difficult stage by doing a simple google search.

Nowadays, it’s all about HD graphics and 3D and uber grandiose worlds. I am not saying they are not great. I am only saying they are not for me. Simple is everything for me when it comes to video games.

Wario the Superstar in Mario Party 9
That’s right. I’m a SUPERSTAR!

I have always have been a side-scrolling platformer game aficionado. And perhaps the only “newer” video game series I have gotten to play and love is Crash Bandicoot. I would always swap play this with my sister and we have finished 5 out of the 7 main series namely Crash Bandicoot, Cortex Strikes Back, Warped, The Wrath of Cortex, and Crash of the Titans. The 2 others Twinsanity which we never had and Mind Over Mutant where we are currently stuck somewhere in level 4 and adamantly refuse to YouTube our way out of it!

I must say I’m quite good with platformer games. I have probably finished about 50 games, give or take. I’d say I have survived every Mario that I have ever played. Although Mario is the ultimate classic, there are particularly 2 games that somehow got stuck with me harder than any games: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers (NES) and Vectorman (SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis). I can’t explain why but they remain at the top of my list of games I have ever finished.

Wii - Donkey Kong Country Returns, New Super Mario Bros., Kirby's Return To DreamlandThese days, I’m quite enjoying playing on Wii (recently bought this month). I know I’m way behind trend but I consciously stopped playing games past PlayStation 2. Anyway, I love Wii except when a game uses a nunchuk! I just can’t get a proper grip on it. It feels unnatural. I don’t know, I’d really much prefer using the traditional horizontal controllers.

This is why I only buy 2D platformer Wii games. So far, my sister and I have finished Donkey Kong Country Returns, New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Kirby’s Return To Dreamland.

Among the three, I loved Donkey Kong the most simply because it was the most challenging. I would place Kirby next. Though it was the easiest among the three, I truly enjoy the mini-games especially Ninja Dojo!

I am now in search of another good 2D platformer. Any suggestions?

Wii - Mario Party 9 and Kirby's Epic Yarn*******

UPDATE: As at July 29.

I bought 2 new Wii games last Saturday! Mario Party 9 and Kirby’s Epic Yarn. Have played Mario Party so far and OH MY GOD, HOW FUN IS THIS GAME! It’s like an integration of classic boardgames, platformers and arcade but much, much more fun!

Among the mini-games, I love Peak Precision, Ring Leader, Goomba Bowling and Goomba Spotting. I specifically HATE Snow Go! I just can’t control the bloody snowmobile properly! Grrr! And I was deeeeelighted to see a bonus Donkey Kong game in the Party Stage. This game is just tooooo awesome!!

I won’t be playing epic Yarn yet until I get to play every game possible on Party 9…or up until I get sick of it. It’s just too addicting of a fun game!

Rayman Origins - Wii*******

UPDATE: As at August 4.

Added another platformer to my growing collection. I bought the much-raved about Rayman Origins. And boy is this game difficult! Spent 3 days to get past the Jibberish Jungle and it’s not getting any easier (well, duh).

Getting thru each stage is not as much difficult as when one sees to it to collect 350 lums. Those bloody lums can be quite frustrating to collect! Since they are fleeting, you must always rush to grab them. And this makes the experience extra hard. Due to this, my left thumb has never gone more numb from the abuse compared to any other game I have played EVER.

Meanwhile, Epic Yarn has been pushed aside for later. Looks like, it will take a while to finish Rayman. But I love a good challenge.

Bring. It. On.


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