A year in phonetography

It’s been a full year of practice with this new hobby I call “phonetography”. I understand that the quality will never be at par with those professional cameras but due to my laziness in carrying heavy camera equipment, I have found what certainly best fits me which is phone photography.

I may be biased but I think I may have captured some really great photographs. Throughout the year, I have put my “creative” knack for photography in use starting from initially using just my Nokia 6300 then eventually graduating to HTC Desire. A few days ago, I finally upgraded to HTC One X+ which I only plan on using during the new year just so it becomes a sort of fresh start. I certainly have high hopes for my new toy!

I still have a lot to improve but without further ado, here are what I think are some of my best phonetographs this year. And oh, these are unretouched, unenhanced, raw pictures. Enjoy and happy new year! 🙂

No, this is not in New York.
Suntec Twin Towers: I had to crouch down under a lone small tree in front of the building to take this shot.
I wish I could say this was in Turkey.
KTM Berhad in Kuala Lumpur: Taken from the balcony of Masjid Negara (National Mosque)
The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand
The Grand Palace
Dreamland beach, Bali
Dreamland Beach, Bali
A water crane dance
A water crane dance at Sentosa
A colorful Orchard
A colorful Orchard Road
A majestic rhinoceros
A majestic rhinoceros at Singapore Zoo
Pi Leh Bay
Long-tail boat in Pi Leh Bay, Krabi
A row of Buddhas in Wat Pho
A row of Buddhas in Wat Pho, Thailand
Louis Vuitton Island Maison at Marina Bay Sands
Muscat Street, Bugis
Muscat Street, Bugis: Our office is literally next door.
Singapore Art Museum
Singapore Art Museum: I was on the top deck of a bus when it stopped directly in front of it and I was quick enough to take a shot!
The Sultan Mosque in Bugis, Singapore
Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010
Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010 wall at one of the MRT stations
Parasailing in Bali
Parasailing in Bali
Heavily bejeweled Buddha in Thailand

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