Wreck-It Ralph: Don’t try to fix yourself just to fit in

Ralph – a big guy with an even bigger heart

Wreck-It Ralph is an endearing tale about a villain in a video arcade who is just tired of being the “bad” guy. After 30 years, he is now determined and desperate to once and for all change all that by proving that he also deserves the recognition, love, understanding and appreciation just as much as the next hero by winning a gold, shiny medal.

What he thought was only an adventure towards getting that medal, he gained more than what he ever expected. Ralph found far more valuable than that gold, shiny thing he seeks: a true friendship with a sprightly, mischievous kart racer named Vanellope.

Ralph never felt that he truly belonged. He started to consider making some changes and be known for something better other than just the guy who wrecks things. His dissatisfaction with that role finally pushed him to muster the courage to do something about it.

What he hasn’t realized yet is that you are always good enough no matter who you are and what you are. You just have to find the right people to accept you for being you. It is never worth “fixing” yourself just to try to fit in.

His friendship with Vanellope is the reason he discovers a better appreciation of himself and that his purpose is relevant and important. Ralph just needed a new perspective to see this. To find yourself, sometimes you have to go to the other side to get a clearer understanding of who you are. Or, you can just get yourself a true friend who can remind you of this.

The moment I saw the trailer, I was already sold. Unashamedly, I did fight some tears especially that scene where Ralph wrecked Vanellope’s car. But it is typical of Disney films. They just know how to sting you straight in the heart.

Obviously, much of the marketing of the film is targeting those young adults, like myself, who grew up during a digital age of arcade games and 8-bit videogames in the 80s and 90s. It marked the beginning of the video game revolution. And I was one of those kids who was in the middle of it all, eventually getting obsessed with video games such like Mario, Donkey-Kong and Galaga.

The film reminded me of my childhood and how much I have loved video games. The 7 year-old me was gleaming with joy all throughout the film. I was a kid all over again. The experience made me realize that the kid in all of us never really goes away. If you have loved a Disney/Pixar film before, then this film will appeal to you whether or not you’re a gamer.

As much as I was an avid gamer, I never really graduated towards appreciating today’s video games. I just enjoy games with simplistic scenarios. Or that could only be a lame excuse that I may not be intelligent and patient enough to grasp and follow the broad worlds, complex gameplays and heavy stories of the newer games.

Perhaps one of the reasons also is that I wanna protect my childhood memories. I want to solely associate video games with my childhood since it pretty much made up a huge part of it. And carrying my love for video games over would blur the distinction between my childhood and the now, whatever that’s called.

But thanks to this movie, I was taken back to that time as a 7 year-old boy when everything in life was simple and that my only true challenge was how not to wake my parents up and avoid getting scolded when I sneak in to the living room after bedtime just to play Mario.


2 thoughts on “Wreck-It Ralph: Don’t try to fix yourself just to fit in

    1. Thanks Dan! Although it isn’t close to being a classic but you are dead on, it sure does offer something unique to the audience: nostalgic fun. Damn your blog is awesome, man. Talk about being a movie buff!

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