Harry Potter™: The Exhibition

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition

After such a long wait, it’s finally here! Of course we had to come and see it on the very first day of the opening. You see, me and my 2 younger sisters are fanatic Potterheads. So this was something that we were not going to miss for the world!

And how convenient it was that it was going to open first in Asia here in Singapore where we are currently living! It wasn’t long after they announced that tickets were already available for booking that we immediately went on to buy them. And for a price tag of just SG$24 per ticket? I mean, I could’ve paid $100 (or more) for all I care. We booked the tickets almost a month ahead of the opening. From then on, we were just anxiously waiting and counting the days until the grand opening.

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition - ArtScience Museum Singapore
Harry Potter™: The Exhibition ticket at SG$24
Harry Potter™: The Exhibition - ArtScience Museum Singapore
Harry Potter™: The Exhibition – ArtScience Museum Singapore

My 2 sisters and myself were going to go full on. So, we purchased some Gryffindor shirts for the event. Although my older brother is not a huge Harry Potter fan, we got to drag him along as well.

So the day finally came. And boy, was it jampacked! No surprise there. All of us were so restless to go in and just get lost in the world of Harry Potter all over again.

The first thing you get to experience in the exhibit is the ‘sorting hat’. Some lady is there to present the actual sorting hat. Of course no one was allowed to touch it. Three volunteers were asked to come to the stage and get “sorted” by the hat. And guess who is one of those 3 privileged Potterheads? Yours truly! It was just so cool! An experience any Potterhread shouldn’t miss!

After that we went on to traverse the world of Harry Potter. It was basically a mini version of Hogwarts. And I love every bits of it. We were all in total awe seeing all those artifacts from the movie sets. We all got to experience shooting some quaffles thru the hoops, pulling out some crying mandrakes and even sitting on Hagrid’s humungous chair!

If you want to know the details of the trip itself, and to save space in my blog too, please check the wiki-page.

For me, the highlight of the whole thing was really seeing the actual ‘glasses’ of Harry Potter. If there’s one thing in that exhibit that I wanted to steal given the chance, that would be it. It is just an iconic movie prop and really became, apart from the scar, the identity of Harry Potter whom in my fastastical imagination I associate myself with.

And then, there’s the sword of Godric Gryffindor. It was truly beautiful. And very shiny.

All of us get the urge to really grab those props and really feel them but of course, no one could risk it. But wouldn’t it be awesome to really get hold of them? I can only imagine.

At the end of the tour, there’s the Harry Potter merchandise shop (of course). Any Potterhead would go frantic in this store. They have it all. Scarves, broomsticks, shirts, stuffed owls, books, DVDs, wands, glasses, goblets, jackets, posters, bags, foods, even a Marauder’s map. You name it. It’s all there available for purchase. Of course, they came with a higher price than normal. In the end, I bought some Quidditch shirt, some chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s beans.

It is just unfortunate that it is not allowed to take pictures inside. But nevertheless, here are some pictures from pre- to post-event. Some props are actually outside the exhibit that you can freely take pictures of, like The Flying Ford Anglia.

Of course, these pictures don’t capture the actual experience itself. But these are all I have from all my Harry Potter experience over the last weekend.

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum Singapore
Harry Potter™: The Exhibition at the ArtScience Museum Singapore

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition
The Flying Ford Anglia
Harry Potter™: The Exhibition
[hideous] Professor Umbridge’s [equally hideous] dress
Harry Potter™: The Exhibition
A Death Eater’s robe and mask
Harry Potter™: The Exhibition
Giant Knight
My only stolen shot inside the Harry Potter shop 🙂
Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Beans at SG$ 6.00
Harry Potter chocolate frog at SG$ 6.00
Harry Potter Quidditch shirt for adults at SG$ 50.00
Harry Potter™: The Exhibition
With my beloved siblings! Obviously, my brother is the only one who is NOT a [fanatic] Pottrehead!

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    1. Love them too! Hmm I should’ve taken a pic of my Quidditch shirt before I sent it to the laundry.. I’m sure you’ll love it as well. Nevertheless, thanks for dropping by! 🙂

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    1. Hi! We bought them elsewhere. They were cheaper of course, around $12 compared to ones in the exhibition at least $50 but design-wise, they have better options. I was actually choosing between the Muggle or Quidditch shirt. Bought the latter in the end. I suppose you’re planning on visiting as well? 🙂

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