To Phuket or not to Phuket

So while still in the midst of looking for a job, I find myself craving for yet another vacation. Can one ever get enough?

Initially, we were planning on visiting Phuket for the summer between May and June. And this plan started way back in February. But although we believe that the place is going to be amazing, we have always had reservation going there as we all agree it is just too crowded and spoiled. So we would always delay booking the tickets. Two weeks ago, I finally pushed us to book the tickets.

As our planned date got very near, naturally the fares around that time got higher and this made us think twice all the more. And then I remembered when I was in Bangkok, I had an Australian roommate and he shared with me his travel plans. Basically he was touring all around Asia. He had several pit stops in Thailand first. And the day after I arrived in Bangkok, he was already about to leave for a place called Krabi.

Phuket – Phang Nga – Krabi Map

It was the first time I have heard of the place and it got me curious mainly because this guy was willing to take a 12-hour train ride going there from Bangkok. I thought to myself that that place must be really something, or just particularly special for this guy that he was willing to spend half a day on the train. He sure did say he was on a budget, but c’mon, 12 hours on a train? Really? Anyway, that’s his business. And I didn’t bother asking any more.

Now after going back and forth for several days whether or not we would still push for Phuket, we finally decided that we do some research and check what else to visit in Thailand before we finalized this summer plan that was starting to get stressful. And I immediately looked at Krabi. The Aussie dude was probably right. Based from the pictures and from what I have read, Krabi is a place that one must not miss when visiting Thailand.

But the thing that really caught our attention and interest is a group of small islands, just a 2-hour boat ride away from Krabi called Ko Phi Phi. And after seeing and reading stuff about it, that became the clincher, the main deciding factor and we all finally agreed that we are going there. So we quickly booked the tickets for Krabi just as fast as we forgot about Phuket altogether. Plus the fact that it’s cheaper to go there all the more made us decide quick.

So Krabi it is! See you next week!


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