Solitary traveling

IMAG2012When we were younger,  we would always travel as a family. And that was fun and I cherish every bit of my time with my family. And admittedly, I miss that.

Now that all of us siblings are all grown up adults, we have different priorities and schedules and thus having  a common date to do some leisurely traveling would prove challenging.

The idea of solitary traveling would have been the craziest, and certainly scariest idea I could have considered. But that was before. Still, I would, in any day, choose to be traveling with my family and some friends. But there is just something about traveling alone, going to far, far foreign places that’s really inviting.

You see, I have developed a habit of hating talking to people, especially to people who talk nonsense and trivial stuff and those who just keep on talking and talking and don’t know when to just quit.

I understand we all have different tastes and preferences and that can never be argued but I have decided that if I don’t find one bit interesting what the other person is talking about, then I’d rather avoid listening and talking to that same person.

When traveling alone, you don’t do much talking. No talking means no chance of arguing with someone and less energy is wasted. I absolutely and completely hate arguing. It is tiring and pointless most of the time.

The peace and quiet that traveling alone brings is liberating. You get to do a lot of introspection and deep thinking without being bothered by caring but mostly curious minds. It is one of the best times to really have the chance to know who you really are, where you want to be and what you want to do. It is an opportunity for you to have a clear head and sort of start fresh.

Now, that’s just one major upside you get when you’re traveling by yourself, or just being alone per se. And I love those moments. I crave for those moments. In our daily lives, we have to mostly communicate verbally, be it at work, at home or in public places. It is necessary I agree, that is why when I have the chance to just be in my own bubble, I will take it.

You see, when traveling on my own, I don’t get to drag people and people don’t get to drag me as well. As a solitary traveler, you get to go at your own pace. You get to solely rely on yourself and become this very keen observer of the new places you visit and you also become a more tolerant and open-minded person towards different cultures, religion and opinions.

You develop into this responsible person you never could be when you’re surrounded by people who have expectations of you. When you are on your own, your actions are your sole responsibility and you get to understand yourself better when you experience just by yourself the consequences of your actions without being concerned about others who could only be judging. In a way, you become (street-)smarter when it comes to making decisions.

These luxuries you get when traveling alone all the more encourage me to to do solitary traveling more often. For my next trip however, I will be traveling with my siblings and some friends. But for sure, I will find a chance to travel alone soon. Very, very soon.


3 thoughts on “Solitary traveling

  1. Great post! I usually always travelled with friends, but have done short weekend trips on my own, but always to places where I know people. Though, two years ago I travelled to Peru on my own, without knowing anyone there, and have to be honest and say it was one of the most liberating experiences I’ve had whilst travelling.

    1. Thanks! Being a total “foreigner”, meaning you know absolutely nobody in that foreign land IS liberating. You are so out of your comfort zone and full of worries that you become very attentive and that’s when you start to truly appreciate the new environment you’re in. Having a company is always good, don’t get me wrong. But to be a sole wanderer of an unfamiliar soil? Now that’s adventure.

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