A familiar road. Home again, at last.

It always feels right to come home

A familiar road. Home again, at last.
A familiar road. Home again, at last.

So a week after I got that pleasant surprise, I have received some not so good news. You see, I was only waiting for the formalities to just be in place. But unfortunately it didn’t work out the way as expected. I was disheartened of course. I really thought I have found the right job or at least a good one, for a change. I have felt right at home in that company and the boss seems like a really nice guy. But perhaps too good to be true?

The thing that really bothers me is the fact that while I was waiting to get my work permit, I had received 4 more job interviews and 2 of which are worldwide-known multi-national companies. It’s a frightening thought how such great opportunities would only come once and I just threw them out the window. I was always the type that plays it safe and always goes for what is practical and never takes risk. But for once, alas, I am taking some leap of faith. I have made a decision to stick with this company no matter what.

“It’s time to be brave”, I told myself.

Now, that was the bad news. The good news is the company is willing to fight for me. And they immediately filed an appeal to get my work permit approved. The Ministry told our company that it will take 3-5 weeks to get some results and even then, they told us, my case has a slim to none chance of getting approved. Not exactly the most encouraging words but I keep my composure and try to stay positive.

My fear was that they were just gonna give up on me easily and let me go. But I was relieved to learn that my company likes me enough and believes that I am the right candidate for the job that they were beyond ready to give it a shot. In that sense, I am still very much part of the company and they reassured me of this. And this is really comforting. Imagine if they were just going to let me go that easily given the fact that since I made a choice to stick with them, I also made a choice of foregoing great opportunities because I believe in my heart that this is the right company for me.

It’s all wait and see for now until we hear something from the Ministry. For sure, I will struggle to not stress myself by thinking about it all the time. But I am greatly hopeful. So 3 weeks, at least, until then. I figured this is a perfect time to come home again after being away for almost 2 years. I did have plans of going back home during Christmas break this year but never thought I could be visiting back this sooner.

You know what? It felt right to come home this soon. I mean, it always feels right to come home. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I haven’t seen my parents and my older brother for almost 2 years now and I miss them a lot. So, I’m coming home for a while and have some family bonding time. Hopefully, they will keep me busy and preoccupy me so that I won’t stress so much about it.

But, I am really holding my breath on this one. Inshallah.


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