Bali, Indonesia

Wearing a “sarong”

I just lately realized I haven’t been to the beach for like ever. So when I was planning my next trip, I told myself that it would have to be a beach vacation. So I immediately thought of Bali.

Ah, paradise. That’s the first thing that comes to mind for most people. But as I have found out, Bali is more than just white sand beaches. There are so much more to explore in the beautiful island.

On my first day, I got to visit 2 temples both overlooking the Indian Ocean. Official tour started off with trekking to the top of Uluwatu, which is a temple on the edge of a cliff in southern Bali, only 50m above the Indian Ocean. It was spectacular. My camera pics don’t do justice of the actual view but to say the least, it was breathtakingly beautiful. I got to wear a sarong for the first time coz it is not allowed to wear shorts in the sacred temple. I also chanced upon some playful monkeys, even took a picture of a mature monkey sitting on a ledge, undoubtedly appreciating what’s in front of him. It was such a magnificent view. It’s hardly I can describe it quite properly.

Here’s my video from the cliff temple

Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple
Cliff by the Indian Ocean
Cliff by the Indian Ocean

Then I detoured to a nearby small gem called Dreamland beach in Padang-Padang, where Julia Roberts once filmed for “Eat, Pray, Love”. It was just this small beach in an outskirt, well-hidden from public that you have to go thru a cave before you can reach this mini paradise. It was beautiful I tell you. There were a few people there when I got there. But the place was serene and quiet, white sand and all.

Dreamland beach, Bali

Then I traveled all the way to central north to Ubud, the arts and crafts village, followed by a visit to the Royal Family Temple in Taman Ayun. At this point I was already getting exhausted from all the driving. It was so hot and the traffic didn’t help the situation either. But that’s Indonesia for you I guess.

Royal Family Temple in Taman Ayun
Royal Family Temple in Taman Ayun

And the last stop was to visit the 2nd temple on a cliff in the western region, the famous Tanah Lot. Also got to wear an ‘udeng’ for a pictorial. And finally capping off our tour by having seafood dinner on the edge of the cliff, overlooking the breathtaking Indian Ocean, waiting for the sunset. It was lovely. It was perfect.

Tanah Lot temple
Tanah Lot Temple

Seafood dinner by the cliff
Sunset view by the Indian Ocean
Sunset view by the Indian Ocean

The next day, I went straight to Waterbom, a waterpark, then was planning on hitting the beach later in the afternoon. The best thing about the park? The “Climax”. Basically, you are put into this vertical tube and drops you 50m straight down before it slopes to a good 30m-curvy tunnel and flushes you out smoothly. I think what made it more scary was this 3-second electronic countdown before the drop! But despite that, I still did it twice! Unfortunately though, it rained mostly in the afternoon. So I didn’t get to spend that much time on the beach.

On my final day, I decided to spend the entire day at the beach. After all, that’s what Bali is famous for. In the morning I went to a luxury beach resort called Nusa Dua. Man, was it the most beautiful beach I have seen in Bali.

Kuta beach, Bali
Kuta beach, Bali

At Nusa Dua beach
At Nusa Dua beach

There were lots of water sports you can do there. So I took one of the programs.

Parasailing in Bali

First was the banana boat ride. This one was exhilarating. And after some distance, the driver purposely toppled the boat down so that we can be in the water and have some swim time. I realized we were already in the middle of the ocean! I had some scary thoughts but I let it go quickly and enjoyed every second of the experience.

Then the same boat took us to the parasailing site. Boy, this was frightening! I didn’t expect to be up so high above! It took me quite long to relax but once I did, the view was just spectacular. You get to see the entire island beach. Oh wow. Just wow. If only I had a camera with me to get a shot.

Then I did jetski. I must say I’m a natural. The assistant told me I was pretty good for a first timer. This would be one water sport I’m surely going to do every time I go to the beach.

And lastly, the fly fish. Basically you get to lie down on this floater and the speed boat will pull you until it goes so fast and the thing starts to fly! It was short but it was fun nonetheless.

After all these activities, I decided to go to Seminyak beach for some down time. Spent a good 2 hours just lying on the beach, admiring the beautiful sea, the sun, the sand and the people.

Then I traveled to Legian beach where I finally decided to give surfing a try. But that was a major disaster. I can’t even stand on that bloody thing. Heck, I can’t even ride on it just to paddle thru! But at least I gave it a try. It’s not for every body I suppose.

A row of hundred motorbikes in Bali, Indonesia

So, that was my trip. Bali, it’s an island full of interesting things. Temples, beaches, water sports, warm people, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, beaches and some more beaches. I seriously had a blast! It was also the 2nd time in a month that I was a solitary traveler.

And lastly, I haven’t seen such a country where there are so many people riding motorcycles. Men and women, the very young and the very old braving the chaotic streets of Bali. It was such a sight! If Bangkok has its tuk-tuks and my home country has its jeepneys, Indonesia has its motorbikes.


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