There are no universal right or wrong decisions

I was on my way for an interview yesterday and bumped into one of my former colleagues from my last company. We had a brief conversation as I wanted to get to the office early so I can prepare myself better before the interview.

He said he was very surprised I quit just like that and that it was not exactly the best practical decision I could have done. For a brief moment there, I doubted my decision. What the hell was I thinking?

On my way out earlier, I saw this writing on the floor of a basketball court and reminded me that it was the right decision. The best even. I have made this decision and sticking with it. It wasn’t easy. It took me months of weighing my options before I came up with my final decision. It felt that it was indeed the right time to do it regardless of the consequences.

It just felt right….and good afterwards. There was an absolute feeling of relief when I finally decided that I’m moving on from this terrible job and company. It was, firmly so, the right and best decision.

I learned that you alone can know what’s right and best for you. There are no universal right or wrong decisions when it solely concerns your life. There’s only a decision that you have to make for yourself.

So no my dear friend, I’m not looking back. Thanks.


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