Not putting up any more crap

In my tacky professional uniform

In the beginning, I was very excited to get my first job in Singapore. I never once imagined myself being a real estate agent. But I was upbeat about it nonetheless. It’s a new industry and I was ready to learn new things and skills.

Most people would assume that being in real estate is a very lucrative profession. And it is. But I didn’t have any clue what was in store for me.

I originally signed my contract with the understanding that I will have a regular day off on a weekday and this will be decided by my manager on which particular day every week. And I was perfectly fine with it.

But lo and behold, I didn’t know that they could take my day off just like that. And to worsen things, it is an unpaid extra work day.

I have always been a person who is very vocal and defensive especially when it comes to my rights. I would always argue and ask why can I not take my day off for this week and that. And I would always get every shitty excuses from my manager(s).

The worst reasoning I have gotten and frankly the one that is utterly offensive and the one I will never ever forget: Your day off is a privilege and not a right.

I was astonished by this statement which my boss made earlier this month. At first I was like, Are you serious? And he was. And that offended me very much and I thought how wrong that was on so many levels. I felt that I was being stepped on. I felt that I was stripped off of my basic rights as an employee and as a person. For me, that was already a red flag. Clearly, this company is about driving slaves.

530am and already aboard the bus to work

We would work very long hours and do a lot of shit and put up with all of their crap and at the end of the day we are still left unappreciated and furthermore being slave driven harsher than the previous day.

You see, I was never the sickly type. Normally in a year, I’d only get sick once. But since I got into this job, I pretty much get sick once a month. My body is taking a toll from all the physical work, emotional stress and fatigue.

There was one time I got very sick to the point that I was vomiting and shivering and you know what happened once I was back to work? My boss scolded me for being sick! He said that he would “investigate” and ask the doctor if I was really sick.

I….I don’t…I can’t…It was just one those rare moments where I can’t even respond properly to a situation that infuriated me. It was just horrible. He was a horrible boss!

I thought I couldn’t take it any more but I always remind myself that I just need to be strong and just charge this to experience. This will, in the end, help me equip for a possible harsher reality in the future. This will  build my character to be more tolerant and not just quit and walk away every time something doesn’t suit me in the situation like I used to before.

So I keep hanging in there. Keep telling myself that there are more people who are in far worse situations than I am and they probably earn way less than I do. With that thinking, I still carry on.

2am and still at work during a holiday. Just great.

I figured maybe I just need a breather from all of this and start anew. So I planned a 2-week  vacation for the Christmas season. I applied my leaves some time last month and they got approved. But dun dun dun dun…..yesterday, my boss burned all my leave without any chance of carrying those over the next year! It was as if I used my leaves without actually being on leave.

I felt very betrayed and this was the final straw. I thought this was already too much! I really can’t take it any more. There are things that are really worth putting up with but one must also understand when to just stop and say no.

The lesson I’m learning here is that when someone or something makes you feel miserable, drop it, walk away from it and leave it behind. There are always better options. There are other jobs out there for me for sure and certainly it would be a better one. Heck, any job or company would be better than my current one!

Really, can this company get any worse? They violate employee’s rights all the time. Bosses are heartless and have no sympathy and mercy. Most colleagues are shameless. It is really a terrible environment to be in. So I have finally decided that this will be my last month in this shitty company.

I am resigning.


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