Because f*ck back pain

I used to be a very athletic guy. I liked doing sports and I can confidently say I excelled in individual sports. I did a lot of table tennis, track and field, badminton, swimming and tennis. I did play a little bit of team sports like basketball and volleyball, both of which I didn’t do well much. I was a very restless and tireless kid who wanted no less than being outside and play sports. Thank God, I grew up at a time when kids actually went outside and did physical activities, socialized in person and learned how to strike real conversations.

Along with this active childhood was our military training which started in 6th grade all the way until senior high school. This included daily hardcore exercises early in the morning in full military uniform. On top of this, I did a lot of dancing almost more than I did sports. Needless to say, all these activities made me very fit and healthy.

I still went on playing tennis, badminton and taking dance lessons regularly in college. However by the time I started working, I have stopped doing them one by one until I no longer did any of them. Then I started developing chronic back pain, from perhaps spending too much time just sitting all day in front of the computer and barely doing any exercises. Coupled with this is my daily fight with the feeling of sluggishness, perhaps, again, due to the fact I don’t do any physical activity at all.

Last month, I have finally decided I need to do something about this. But I had to choose the right sport for me that is great for my entire body but at the same time not compromising my back pain. Then I rediscovered swimming. It’s the perfect sport for me. I found out that doing at least 45 minutes of rigorous swimming can help relieve back pain. It also helps keep your muscles strong and relaxed. It’s perhaps the only sport that can both give me the exercise I need to stay physically fit and the activity that can ease my battle with back pain.

It’s only been a month but it’s been great so far. The pain in my back is slowly improving and I feel energetic, invigorated and more active than ever before. I just love and truly enjoy swimming now. And the fact that it’s only a 10-minute walk from my place makes it even better.


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