World travels

world travelI want to do more traveling. I really do. I think my job is sucking out every bit of my soul. It’s a terrible place to be in. I need to revive myself before I completely lose it. Hopefully starting next year after I get a new job that will allow me to do all the traveling I clamor for.

I have always liked the idea of traveling and being in a foreign country where everything else in it is, well, foreign. It’s that refreshing thought of getting a whole new perspective and experience new cultures and environment and meeting new people and seeing things different from what you are mostly accustomed to at home.

There are a million beautiful things and places on this planet to explore and discover and to admire and be awestruck by. I don’t believe, however, that there is enough time to see every corner of our beautiful planet. But damn it, if you have the opportunity to at least visit a few places, you must DO it!

I’m crossing my fingers for next year.

Yes, next year.


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