Déjà vu as proof?

How many times have you experienced deja vu in your life? Once? Twice? At least a dozen times, right? I have always wondered why do we experience this. I’d feel so oddly creeped out and my hair literally stands and I get the shivers every time I’m having a deja vu and I simply don’t know why. Do you feel the same thing?

What if deja vu is proof we have the subconscious ability to time travel and we can change our own history? What if once tapped, we can do so at will?

Even the brightest of minds like Albert Einstein have always proposed the possibility that we can bend time-space continuum and thus be able to time travel. Could he be right all along?

I am not sure but I have always been fascinated with the idea that we all possess the abilities to be superhuman. Or perhaps, we have been this way since time immemorial and it’s just a matter of each of us realizing this in our own way by mere accident or by consciously digging deep within ourselves to discover our full potentiality?

I remember seeing a kung fu master on TV demonstrating how he can pierce a watermelon with a needle by darting it from several feet away. That’s pretty amazing, right? We all have witnessed superhuman strength, speed and endurance. But are they rare species? Or we truly all have the same capabilities to do unimaginable things whether for the same skill or something unique to us and only we can figure this out by ourselves?

What if our sole purpose in life is to realize our super powers? If this were any true, I for one would like the ability to time-travel and correct the many mistakes I have done in the past (and I’d like to add flight as well, thanks).

Only a question of how exactly do we consciously do this.


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