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Some 27 Random Things

It's been a decade since senior high. How fast time flies.

So here I am again, turning a year older and hoping that I am a better person now than I was a year ago. Well, I certainly experienced and learned a lot of things in that one year. But for now, here I am adding another list to my ‘Random Things’ list, now with 27 since, well, I’m 27 now.

If you have time to waste or if you have plans to bore yourself, then might as well read this entry. Here it goes.

1. I am a better writer than a speaker.

2. You know why I am good with secrets? It is because I tend to forget what the secret is especially if we’ve only talked about it once, no matter how big the news is.

3. My threshold for discomfort, and pain, is very very low.

4. I am at my douchiest when I’m hungry. Also, my speech tends to be all over the place when I am hungry.

5. I eat fast. I won’t get or feel full if I ate slow.

6. I enjoy movie/TV show marathons a lot.

7. I can never eat or drink while lying down or slouched.

8. I find it difficult to multi-task.

9. I have a very sensitive sense of smell. I am easily repulsed by strong scents like air fresheners, floor waxes, gasoline, any household cleaning products like zonrox, muriatic acid and also detergents and even colognes/perfumes and sometimes those really strong-smelling deodorants.

10. I am not a morning person. I am very grumpy in the morning. I get easily upset.

11. I did not attend my college graduation. All of my siblings did however.

12. I don’t like massages. I am very ticklish.

13. I am generally strict.

14. I am not big on texting and surfing the net.

15. I am apolitical.

16. I don’t do appetizers and I don’t drink before the meal either. They ruin my appetite. I like to get straight to the main dish. Also, I don’t drink in between meals.

17. I’m very good at imitating singers especially Adam Levine of Maroon5, Alex Band of The Calling, that dude from Vertical Horizon and James Morrison.

18. I LOVE laughing out so loud. You know, the scandalous, so-what-if-there-are-people-around-with-their-”God-that-dude-is-so-annoying!”-looks-on-their-faces kind of laugh. I don’t like to stifle my laughter at all. If I find something funny, I let it rip real good.

19. I like sweating, seriously.

20. I’m generally not warm to people especially to strangers. Almost all the time, at first people usually take me as the type you won’t normally consider “nice”.

21. For some reason, I am not very receptive over the phone.

22. When eating, I don’t want to do anything else that involves using my hands except eat. I can’t be bothered answering a call or text or use the computer while eating. I can do those after I eat.

23. I’m rarely subtle.

24. It frustrates me so much when I have to type the things I have in my head. When my mind is racing with great ideas so fast, my typing skills can not keep up with it. So most of the time, I omit really important and essential words, phrases or even sentences. My brain is almost always 3 sentences ahead of my typing. And most of the time, I can’t get back to my previous thought. Because if I do, I would lose momentum.

25. I have a thing for leather watches. They are my weakness.

26. I can’t sleep lying on my back. It has to be on either sides.

27. Maybe it’s a guy thing but I like fixing stuff like broken equipment, gadget, appliance, etc. I’m pretty good at it.


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2 comments on “Some 27 Random Things

  1. strangetributes
    January 3, 2011

    love your blog. very cool

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