The Land Before Time: The greatest tragedy one will endure is when we finally lose our family.

The Land Before Time‘s OST – If We Hold On Together by Diana Ross

I am feeling nostalgic and maybe it was the influence of a classic animated movie I just recently watched on cable. I finally decided to share a specific video. I don’t know. All of a sudden I just feel like I want to be a kid again. That is the magic of animated movies, especially Disney films. Young and old alike are touched by the films so much so that the impact is carried all through their lives.

Admittedly, this was the very first film that I ever bawled my eyes out to. I remember sobbing so hard especially during the scene where Littlefoot’s mom died. It was just too much. And also that scene where Littlefoot saw his shadow by the mountain rock and thought that it was his mom but turned out it wasn’t then cue very sad music, I just lost it there. If that scene doesn’t break your heart, then I suggest you go see a doctor because seriously there is something wrong with you. I mean this video alone can make me cry and I’m 26! You see, the film is 21 years old now but it is still impacting me just by remembering it the same way it did when I first saw it.

That is the thing about animated movies, especially the classic ones. These movies are always heart-warming, heartbreaking, inspiring, and moving all at the same time. And each and every one who has seen any animated film or at least some Disney classics will have their own favorites depending on how they were touched by it when they first see it.

Bambi's mother senses something isn't right.

And more often than not I’m supposing, it is not much on how the message of the film comes across to us but rather there are just one or two specific scenes in the film that really strike you in the heart, hard. Another example is when Bambi‘s mom got shot by the hunter. The shooting itself was not shown though. When the mom sensed that there was a danger coming, she repeatedly told Bambi to go ahead and run and run faster and keep running.

Bambi made it to the cave and all along he thought that his mom was right behind him and said ‘We made it mom. We made it.’ Bambi came out of the cave to check and was surprised to see his dad instead. The dad went ‘Your mom can’t be with you anymore.’ That moment when Bambi found out that her mom did not make it, you just can’t help but get heartbroken.

Here’s the link to that heartbreaking scene

Any who, The Land Before Time has the same theme as most animated films. It is simply about family and friendship. Family is indeed forever, at least in our hearts. And friends are just like family. They are our very foundation. The source of our strength from facing the world of cruelty. They are our shoulders to cry on when problems just get too unbearable.

His mother replies "I'll be with you...even if you can't see me." Littlefoot asks "What do you mean if I can't see you? I can always see you!"

The greatest tragedy one will endure is when we finally lose our family. It is inevitable. It is indeed one of the harshest realities any one will ever experience. It is undeserved by anyone but it is bound to happen. There is no easy way of facing the reality of losing them at some point or another.

But as long as you still have them around you, then you’ll be okay even if things are not really great. They are ones who bring color to your life. They bring joy and happiness and protection. They are your very life. Family and friends are nature’s greatest gift to man. Their love is what embraces us through hardships and shields us from any harm. It is our blanket that keeps us warm through any storm. It is our everything.

The magic of animated movies is just transcendent. Their magic goes beyond our imagination and touches us in the deepest of our emotions.

Let the magic live on.


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