Finally getting away from all of the familiar

The horizon looks promising

The title of this letter encapsulates the very purpose of this journey. I [now] want to experience living abroad and not just for a vacation. This is something I never imagined myself doing. I have never once before considered such a, if you will, daring act. I think this is the ultimate challenge for me. To get rid of my luxuries and living comforts. To be totally independent.

Commuting would be the one I am most looking forward to. A friend of mine told me that daily commute via train or bus is an adventure in itself as you get to meet people of different backgrounds, share some experiences together, sometimes get to hear their stories and see sides of the city you never would when you drive your own car.

I also want to experience doing odd jobs and by odd I mean non-office jobs, like I don’t know, being a presenter at the zoo perhaps? Or a butler or a tour guide. A lifeguard! Or just anything completely odd. Well, odd for my standards at least.

I want to live a curious life. And the best way to do it is to travel. And travel some more. And try living in a completely different environment as often as possible. This journey will allow me to broaden my horizons. Go out of my comfort zones. Have a better appreciation of the world. Wake up everyday with a sense of what true living really means. Witness something majestic and be awestruck. Marvel at something that is truly beautiful.

You see, I could’ve been great at something. Could’ve been a great performer. Could’ve been a great dancer. Could’ve been a great tennis player. Could’ve been a great painter. Could’ve been a great writer. Instead, I’m stuck in a rot of mediocrity and meaninglessness. Day in and day out, I do things that don’t really uplift my well-being.

I believe that we are all meant for great things. We are all given a chance to be great and do great. And maybe I’m rushing it a bit. But it has always felt urgent for me. There is this constant voice in my head telling and urging me to go out there, discover the world, meet interesting people, do unusual things, be great and brave, carefree and crazy.

I still have that chance to do all those things though. This journey (hopefully) will help me figure out what I’m supposed to be doing with my life. I need to see and explore what’s out there. Witness and be immersed in different cultures. Be uninhibited for once. Do crazy and wild things like bungee jumping or skydiving. Try to do something that actually has meaning to the world. Be completely unselfish. I need to clear my head from all the tribulations of our day-to-day life. Clarity.

baby steps

I hope to come out of this with a renewed sense of purpose and also with some sort of spiritual reawakening and enlightenment. I kind of lost some of my spiritual senses. After all these, I might do charity full-time or be an environmentalist. I don’t know. Nothing is  really ever certain. Discovery.

I might even change my mind after a day or two. I don’t know. The point is the possibilities are infinite. The unpredictability just adds more color, excitement and flavor to this adventure I am about to embark on. Everything is up in the air. Taking chances.

I once said, ‘…am looking forward to that moment when I will allow myself to let everything go and muster all the courage I need and just believe that there is more to life than living life as usual and take a leap of faith and that no matter the outcome, the most important thing is that I was able to do and be more than what I thought of myself.

I think this is it. This is that moment. The moment I have been waiting for. It’s sort of a now-or-never thing. This would be the bravest thing I’m ever gonna do. Intrepidity.

A solitary traveler

Finally fulfilling and putting real essence to my alias as a solitary traveler. Now I will be this traveler I have always wanted to be. I have claimed long time ago that I will one day be traveling on my own as I already am anyway, except this time I will literally be traveling. Direction.

So this is where I start my soul-searching adventure. I will be gone for a couple of years, depending how far this wave will take me. I might even chicken out on my first day. Who knows. The uncertainties of this journey, this adventure scare me but at the same time excite me in a way I never felt before.

This is not goodbye. This is just the beginning of a series of adventures for me. Perhaps we’ll bump into each other when you go abroad. If not, I hope to see you all guys in a couple of years. Going away for good is a possibility but like I said, I can not ascertain any thing at this point.

I just need to get away from everything I know too well for awhile. I have been clamoring lately to have a chance to finally be on my own, be out there in the world, meeting new people, experiencing completely new things in a totally different environment, have the chance to look at the world on a different perspective, have a better outlook on life. That opportunity has finally come.



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