Singapore City, Singapore

Can you ever imagine yourself not globe-trotting? I for one have so many places I want to see. Our world has so much to offer for us to marvel at. Our world is a beautiful place and there is just is not much time for us to see every corner of it. But the least you can do is travel as much as possible and see and discover what’s out there.

First stop of my world travels is Singapore. Arrived here earlier today. Conveniently, one of my sisters is studying a master’s program at one of the universities there so I decided to go there first. I must say that it is very different from the Philippines in so many ways. For starters, it is way cleaner which is just perfect because if there was one thing I hated about the Philippines, particularly Manila, it’s the dirty surrounding.

Second thing I love about Singapore is how efficient their transport system is. I haven’t done much commuting back home since I drive my own car, but here in Singapore, commuting is so well-managed and very convenient even for first timers. There is just no way you can get lost here. It is almost hassle-free. Also, both the drivers and pedestrians are very disciplined. On the road, you would rarely hear any car honking their horns. Noise pollution is not tolerated here I noticed. And the drivers, they really give way to the pedestrians. I admire it so much because in Manila, it is very chaotic there. Drivers and pedestrians alike have no discipline at all. And don’t even get me started with the noise and air pollution! The Philippines could really do better.

Another thing I love about Singapore is that it is Muslim-friendly. It is very hard for a conservative Muslim like myself to find places that serve halal food, let alone explain what it means all the time. Here, food establishments will either have the halal certification pasted at the front so that people will already recognize it even without asking. And that’s a relief. Also, as it is Muslim-friendly, mosques can be seen in just about every corner of the city.

There are just so many places to visit in Singapore. The Merlion Park would be on top of the list. Of course there is the Sentosa World Resort, the Marina Bay, Little India, Holland Village, Singapore Zoo and Night Safari and so many more. I have been to most of them but will try to visit the rest before the year ends!


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