Plants vs Zombies

It’s official. I’m addicted to Plants vs Zombies. I am never the type who spends more than 2 hours in front of the computer on a regular basis let alone play PC or online games. What started as a simple trial turned out to be the very reason why I spend a good 14 hours of playing the game everyday for the past 4 days.

Let me tell you this: I am a TV junkie. I looove sitting on the couch in front of the TV flipping through different channels, sometimes even watching two shows at a time, switching back and forth in between commercials. And I never get tired of this until PVZ happened. This addictive game completely messed up my routine. Going 5 days now, I have only spent less than 1 hour watching TV (I know. I can’t believe that myself).

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always loved video games but only on consoles. I also remember when I was a kid, that is practically what I do the whole day especially on weekends. I couldn’t be bothered to even eat or to take a bath. Super Mario Bros. is to blame. However, I have outgrown playing video games. Of course I still play every once in a awhile.  I would always go back and play (any) Crash Bandicoot, which is one of my all-time favorites.

Now, I am back to my gaming addiction. PVZ is forcing me to sleep at around 3am. I wake up as early as 7am just to play the game! And oh, I’m currently unemployed so that doesn’t really help either.

So far, I have finished the adventure mode. I skipped mini-games and puzzle and went straight to survival mode. I am basically done with it and currently playing in the Endless mode. I have gone as far as 19 flags. I intend to beat my younger sister’s record of 26 flags. So most likely another few days of sleepless PVZ nights.

Fun times.

UPDATE: As of July 28

We finally got our Gold Trophy! Mini-games and Puzzle were a breeze. lol! Also, I bested my previous record of 19 by 26 flags in the Survival Endless mode on the same day. But my younger sister is still pulling away with 31 flags so far.


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