Wimbledon Final 2008 – Rafael Nadal vs Roger Federer


Nadal clinches first Wimbledon crown after Centre Court epic

Watching this still gives me chills. I know it’s been 2 years but damn this match is probably THE most memorable. And I have seen hundreds of gut-wrenching tennis matches before. I remember watching this with my sister and it was already 2:30am. We would just cheer on like we were the only ones at home. We actually felt like we WERE in Centre Court cheering among the fans.

All along, we were at the risk of a heart attack. The entire match managed to keep us at the edge of our seats. There were even times when we weren’t breathing anymore. We were so nervous for Rafa. It was like ‘now or never’ for him. I never felt like this ‘intense’ and ‘passionate’ about a match. The great rallies! Those amazing shots! The tight score! The championship point that never was. The comeback. Another match point that didn’t happen. It was a rollercoaster ride. Ugh. We were just suspended in disbelief!

But the best part of it all, Rafa won. The greatest relief I ever felt. It feels like it was just yesterday. The memories are still vivid. And I don’t think I will ever witness another epic battle like it.

Also, it’s the same year that my most favorite female player won the coveted and aptly named Venus Rosewater Dish. Venus Williams triumphed over Serena Williams 7-5 6-4. This is the third time that they have met at a Wimbledon final (Serena leading 2-1). They would soon meet for the 4th time the following year where Venus lost to Serena. But Wimbledon 2008 is definitely a year that I will never forget.

Venus wins 5th Wimbledon crown in an all-sister showdown


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