My non-existent purple thumb

Voting would be one inherent right I will never exercise simply because it doesn’t make sense to me that I would have to devote time and effort in registering and voting just to what? Vote for a lesser evil? That idea is just ridiculous.

Of course no one can question or challenge this choice of mine. And should you dare to, I swear that I will argue with you to death and bring you hell that you eventually wish you never did.

Also DO NOT even attempt giving me the whole ‘If you don’t vote, then you can’t complain.’ crap. You are an idiot for saying that. First of, I have as much right to complain as the next person because I fucking pay my taxes. Second, just by being a (natural) citizen of this country gives me every right. You can’t really force upon a person to vote even though he truly believes no one in the race fits to be the right leader. It’s like you are saying that if I don’t vote, then you’re not a citizen anymore. Bloody morons.

One only has to make a choice between voting for one of the candidates or none at all. You can’t just settle for a candidate just because you don’t have any better option. In fact the best option and really the best thing you can do is to not vote at all if you believe there is no better candidate. You CAN NOT waste your vote. And if you do vote, you really have to believe that that person is the BEST (and not just the lesser evil) candidate among them. But since I don’t think any of them is the best, therefore I won’t vote.

In my opinion, the only time our country will be better is when all of our leaders, meaning from the President to the nth thousand kagawads, have good morals and incorruptible and it is also very important that they are all in good terms with each other and they also need to share the same vision, which is for our country to become a great country in the most righteous way, and mission which is to serve and serve well and selflessly look after the interest of the people and never theirs.

But we all know that is not a reality. I don’t think a President can change the state of the nation alone. It has to be collective effort of ALL the leaders. It’s good to hope though. But hope can be paralyzing.

End note: Amen to this, “It is not who votes, it’s who counts them.”


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