In friendships, there are still lines that should never be crossed.

A sex scene. Yep, that was the opening scene of the film. And it was followed by another sex scene. And no, this isn’t pornography.

‘Y Tu Mama Tambien’ (And Your Mother, Too) is an indie art film that is so daringly provocative that one might think it’s just another excuse for the filmmaker to get away with a softi porn film going mainstream. But I beg to disagree. It is not all about sex. Plus, trust me that this doesn’t compare to the other films I saw which I consider way more disturbing. But I am not here to talk about it.

The film is an exploration of the human sexuality and psychology and how tricky handling friendships can be. Our moral compass is most challenged once sex is already involved. A lot of relationships and friendships break because of sex….or the lack of it for that matter.

You can not fully know a person, even your best and closest of your friends. There are just some things that need not be shared. However, if you insist on digging deeper, you should submit yourself and keep an open mind and have a cushioned heart when you are about to hear any confessions. You see, the more you dig, the more it gets challenging for you to keep your friendship intact. And you should never judge too. And you should also promise that your friendship will never change, which is the part where it gets most tricky. Sometimes we think we are ready to hear them, but you regret it the moment it’s revealed to you.

The strongest of bonds is not immune to breakup. It certainly has boundaries. In fact, it is that kind that once shaken, it is difficult to repair. There are still lines that should never be crossed. Sex changes everything, does not matter who you did it with and for what reason. People have different dispositions when it comes to the matter of sex.

Friendship and sex are a complicated mixture. Sex for some is an escape from the harsh realities they are facing. It can also be a recipe for friendships to fall apart forever. So if you are thinking of crossing that line between your friend, be sure that you are prepared for the consequence. Although something good could come out of this, you should be more prepared for the worst possible scenario. Because almost all the time when friends decide to take their relationship to another level, it doesn’t usually end up well. Watch this film and find out how easily a ‘strong’ bond can break.


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