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Some 26 Random Things

I did a list of ‘Some 25 Random Things’ last year which was fitting because I was *cough*25*cough* then. So I figured I can turn this to some kind of yearly tradition and make a list of random things about me where the number is based on my age. This way, I also get to self-inspect and reflect a little bit more and get to know myself even more in the process…hopefully.

So here you go, some 26 random things about me. Oh, no judging alright. 😀

1. I started doing away with junk foods for 6 months now except for the occasional nachos with cheese dip. It’s way too delightful to pass up.

2. I can listen to a favorite song 10 straight times without getting sick of it.

3. I can never sleep with the lights on.

4. I only shave my beard once a week.

5. Believe it or not, I don’t apply anything on my face, not even soap. I only wash it with water.

6. I find sneezing oddly invigorating.

7. I would never pee in a dirty toilet/comfort room/bathroom.

8. I am fond of reading the dictionary.

9. I really hate it when I am already in a comfortable sitting or sleeping position and then I have to move because I just remembered I forgot to do or get something or that I have to completely get up to pee!

10. I spend more time in front of the TV than the computer.

11. I plan to marry at 32 the earliest and latest at 39. Well at least for now, that’s my plan.

12. I am not sure I will ever find a book again as thick as the last Harry Potter book that I can finish in less than 24 hours.

13. I get really voracious, obsessive and passionate whenever I discover and start liking some thing.

14. I generally don’t like OPM and local shows and movies.

15. College was when I discovered I was smarter than everyone else (kidding!). It was actually when I knew I was smarter than I give myself credit for. I was very, very average in high school academically you know.

16. I realize lately that I am becoming more of a risk-taking type than a playing-it-safe one.

17. I am disorderly organized. I like my stuff to be where I want or remember them to be.

18. To be completely honest, I get really uncomfortable when someone praises or compliments anything that has to do with me like my work, skills, talents or whatever.

19. I’m afraid of dogs and snakes.

20. I don’t drink and smoke.

21. I find it repulsive when people put on way too much deodorant as if they wear it as their cologne or something.

22. You know what I really, really hate? It is when I learn I have been duped or ripped off or witnessing someone getting duped or being ripped off.

23. I can hold my breath underwater for a very long time.

24. I despise all politicians. No exceptions. So expecting me to vote is out of the question.

25. Amongst my dream jobs are to be a tennis player, tennis sport columnist, host of a travel and leisure show, script writer for a hit sitcom, direct a movie or at least be a crew of a movie production or be an extra in a hit sitcom or movie.

26. I am rarely persuaded.


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