A silver lining

As the decade of 00’s has come to an end, my quarterlife comes full circle with it. Yes, I am no longer considered ‘in my early 20s’ which for some probably is a dreadful reality but I am frankly fine with it. So as this decade ends and as a new year starts and as I grow a year older yet again, I’m hoping to get a fresh perspective on life and the things around me.

In those 25 years I have lived on this particular planet (I heard there’s another earth-like planet out there. I mean who knows, right?), I could probably sum up my life as average at most, sometimes boring and full of disappointments. You see, the big old wallower me sometimes gets in the way of how I should see my life. Today however, it’s all about counting my blessings.

I am blessed to have lived this long so far. I am blessed to have a life really. I am blessed to have a family and bunch of amazing friends both old and new. I am blessed to have a privileged life which is something I never take for granted. I am blessed to have had education. I am blessed to have a job. I am blessed we have a house, well we have several of them actually. I am blessed we have cars. I am blessed I can afford to eat whatever and whenever I want. I am blessed to have clothes. I am blessed that I get to share some of my blessings whenever the opportunity permits me to. I could go on and on and on listing all the things I am blessed with.

So instead allow me to pay special tribute to something money can’t buy: the people I have in my life.

“Family is forever and my everything.”

So firstly, this note goes out to my folks, the greatest parents one can have. Thank you Ama and Nana for being the best parents in the world. Your love and guidance have surely made us proud being your children. I can personally attest that you never had any shortcomings when it comes to us. I thank Allah everyday for giving you as our parents. We are truly blessed and lucky for that.

To my brother who I am getting closer to by the day, thank you for being supportive of me no matter what and for trying your best to be my ‘big’ brother. To our bunso who will always be our baby, you are someone turning out, as I witness it, to be a woman of character and upholds good morals at all times. That is absolutely admirable and noble. You should keep it up.

And of course to my twin sister who I have become inseparable to even before I turned 1, how I wish I was as smart and sharp-minded as you. And you shame me for being a stronger person too. You understand me more than anybody (even more than Nana does). We have always been close and each other’s go-to person and I wouldn’t allow anything to jeopardize that bond.

I love you all.

“Friends are just like family.”

To my bestfriend in the entire world, Kenthz, you know I love you and I miss you damn much. I know we don’t see each other very often since we graduated in high school but you should know that if I could, I would do anything in a heartbeat to see you everyday. I am still hoping though for better times for both of us.

To my other best friends, Fars, Becky and Ivy, I love you all too. Unfortunately, we don’t get to bond as often as we want but our friendship is beyond unbreakable. I wish to grow old knowing that we will always have each other’s back no matter what happens.

To my friends in AE, most of you I have known since nursery (that’s 21 years if you’re being technical), what would I do and be without you guys? You make my life feel homey here in Manila. Every time we have a get together, you never fail to give me back that feeling of camaraderie we all shared most of our lives really. High school however was hands down the time of our lives. Agree? I know you do.

To my friends in college or should I say colleges (I kinda went to several colleges LOL), there’s just tons of you guys for me to single out everyone. But all I can say is that you made my experiences in college a fun worthwhile. I must say that I have probably seen the ends of both social classes in college and it is very eye-opening how varied people really are. But what’s refreshing to know is that they are no different when it comes to valuing friendships.

To my officemates who became my friends at CMG, I know you hated me very much at first, as most new people I meet do, but we all became good friends in the end and that’s what all that matters. And thank you, really, for giving me the chance to be your friend despite my utterly off personality. I hope to have a lasting friendship with you guys.

To my One Touch pals, though it was briefest among the companies I worked in which meant that I have spent the least time with you guys which meant that I didn’t get much chance to know you that well but you should know that I treasure our short-lived bond for as long as I live.

To my Axis Global buddies (my present company), anyone would be lucky to work in this company. This company is truly one of a kind. Nice and funny and fun colleagues. Kind and cool boss. Zero tolerance to office politics. A company that remembers everyone’s birthday and actually gives gifts! What more can one ask for? How I damn wish I could stay longer in our company and have more time to really get to know you and bond more.

And lastly, to those friends of mine who I met neither in school nor at work, you know who you are, having you around makes me realize that friendships can literally come from anywhere and it is uplifting to know that.

So there, I think I pretty much covered everybody (or so I hope). To all of you, thank you for touching my life and being part of it and making it meaningful and colorful. Can anyone really imagine a life without family and friends? Clearly, one’s life is defined by the people he has around him.


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