Guinness reveals gaming’s most recognizable character


Who’s the most recognizable character in video games? Nintendo legend Mario? Helmeted Halo lead Master Chief? Football legend John Madden? No — according to the 2010 Gamers’ Edition of the Guinness book of world records, ever-hungry retro icon Pac-Man edges the win.

Among the other nuggets of gaming trivia revealed by the 2010 edition: the biggest-selling video game of all time (Wii Sports, at over 43 million), the largest collection of Pokemon merchandise — 12,113 unique items, in the collection of one Lisa Courtney — and the most popular puzzle game of the century: Bejeweled. Naturally.

It also lists the world record for the longest time spent playing a massively-multiplayer online game: Sara Lhadi, who spent the equivalent of 700 days playing Runescape between November ’04 and October ’09. That works out to over 9 hours a day. Now that’s commitment…or insanity. Or both. Probably both.

For the original article, click here.


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