Insights on Epic Awesomeness That is Avatar

I have seen this film twice already in 2D and 3D and I must say that I still felt the same excitement the second time around as the first. That is saying alot considering the film is almost 3 hours long. So what did I think of the movie? Avatar is simply a visually-arresting, awe-inspiring cinematic experience unlike anything I have ever seen. It is undoubtedly the best film since The Dark Knight.

But apart from the cinematic extravaganza that the film obviously offers, it is the different messages that the film was trying to get across that captured me even more. I like how the film turned out to be a call for all of us to be (more) socially responsible and be (more) aware of our environment and what we do to it.

I may have left out some more important messages about the film [even the very core of the film] but that should be okay because ultimately, we all come from different places and have different levels of understanding to every thing. So here are some views, opinions and perspectives on the film’s many messages.

Everything is borrowed. This is very true in my opinion. I mean all that you see around you, both concrete and abstract, are temporary and there will come a time when they will all be gone. This is the cycle of nature, of life. What is born will soon pass away and what is made will eventually be lost or destroyed.

When the sons of bitches destroyed the Hometree. This has got to be the most heartbreaking part of the film. Can you even imagine if you were forced to leave your home? This particular scene speaks so much on how industrialization devastated much of nature and how waging wars destroys not only families but tend to obliterate a society, an entire community for good. There are a lot of heartless government and business people out there who do whatever it takes to get what they want. And without an ounce of sympathy and compassion, they will push through at any cost.

Greed for money does this to man. And it’s sad that most of us if given the chance will fall victim to it. And what’s sadder still is that these sons of bitches will never take responsibility for the consequences of their actions and that those helpless people they removed will never get justice at all.

 Sometimes your life boils down to one insane move. I believe that there will always be a moment in a man’s life where he’ll face the greatest challenge of his life and all it will come down to is how he is going to overcome it. However, there are some who just want to play it safe and who are not always willing to gamble. And that is fine I guess. We are all entitled to our own decisions and how we want things to be done. But if we just content ourselves with ‘what is’ and not trust that ‘what might be’ will be so much better than you can ever imagine, then living life (as usual) is just as boring as watching a clock ticks every second.

I for one am looking forward to that moment when I will allow myself to let everything go and muster all the courage I need and just believe that there is more to life than living life as usual and take a leap of faith and that no matter the outcome, the most important thing is that I was able to do and be more than what I thought of myself. Fearless.

Science vs Faith. An old age argument that neither has yet to come to terms that maybe both can co-exist and that they can actually support each others’ claims. Since time immemorial, faith and science have always been independently powerful and influential and have won millions and millions of followers with the latter more dubious about the former’s beliefs.

Lately however science has started to be more open to the idea that maybe faith is a ‘measurable’ thing that can be tested and proven to actually exist. You know, science is all about what can be touched, seen, smelled, and ultimately be experimented for its true properties and existence. There have been tests done when a faith healing process under a scanning device was documented by scientists and have concluded that during which process there is certainly ‘positive’ heat or body energy being transferred and eventually the person being healed, well, ended up getting healed. There is surely ‘power’ in faith and that science is realizing just today.

This is what the character of Sigourney Weaver, the scientist, is trying portray that there are still a million things on our planet that we have yet to fully understand and that science is only limiting itself to tests and laboratories and that an actual experience of it is enough to prove its existence, whatever that is.

 The final battle. The last 40 minutes of the film was dedicated to this exceptionally well directed, choreographed battle scene that takes your breath away. Though, some people might mock the fact that how the hell ‘tribespeople’ with just bows and arrows can ever defeat a battalion with sophisticated machine guns, bombs and ammos. Well remember the Vietnam War? Or the Surrender in Zamboanga? That’s how. Advanced technology does not guarantee victory in wars.

Jake decided to be a Na’vi for good. What you are born in and with may not necessarily be your true identity. Jake felt more of himself being a Na’vi than he ever was being human. It can not be taken against a person if he chooses to change what he is to something that he believes in his heart he truly needs to be.

On a minor note: the film being romantic. Many films have emphasized that love can happen anywhere to anyone or anything. Love does not discriminate size or color. And in this film size and color literally did not matter at all.


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