Lessons for Today Part 1

1. Friends come and go, whether they pass on or move on without you, either way it hurts in ways you wished you’d never get to experience. But life as I know it challenges you to be a strong(er) person. These experiences will equip you in facing hardships in the future.

2. When in doubt, don’t do it. This has got to be the lesson I have learned the hardest from. There have been A LOT of times when I was surely having doubts in doing something whether I knew I was going to feel bad afterwards or that it was never the right thing to do in the first place. Whichever, I did them anyway and felt really terrible in all occasions.

3. People will not always understand you. And you are not obligated in any way to explain yourself to any one.

4. You cannot judge any one. You might never know what battles the person is fighting. Their life story is unknown to you and what they put up on the outside may not be exactly what they are going through behind the scenes. So always give everyone the benefit of the doubt.


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