If it was, it will be.

Disappointments have always seemed to be my good companion. In the past, I had lots of goals for myself both realistic and shooting-for-the-stars ones but more on the former of course. I don’t daydream that very often you know. But as it turned out, I have had more disappointments than success. And it also doesn’t help that I am easily disheartened. What’s worse is that I am a wallower.

All through out and up until now, I have managed to only succeed in a few things and most of them happened without ever requiring me to exert much effort. Ironic isn’t it? Now this very actuality is responsible for making me realize this: if it was, it will be.

If it was meant, it will happen no matter what. Don’t get me wrong. I am a believer of hardwork and all that you-reap-what-you-sow stuff. But as I have gotten older, I realized that not everything is up to us. I have no further explanation for it. It just is.

You can call it god, the universe, the cosmos or whatever but the fact remains that just because you want it and you know you can do something to make it happen doesn’t always mean you will get the end result you wanted.

And it’s not always goals that disappoint. People disappoint you just as much if not more. Every individual is different from the other. And it’s very tricky dealing with people. Heck, I am hard to deal with (well most of the time).

I guess my point is that there are things that are never really completely up to us. And because of this reality, maybe expecting anything at all is a bad idea. It’s okay to be hopeful but never be certain of anything. You have to keep an open mind of all the possibilities. There is no need to prepare yourself when you get what you want. It is conditioning yourself when you don’t get what you want that requires effort.

But does it mean that by doing this you won’t get disappointed ever? Perhaps no. Because let’s face it, even though we might deny that we want what’s best for us and what we really want for ourselves, be it a material or abstract thing, there will always be that part of us in our most inner region that want them to happen for us. Therefore by not expecting anything at all will only lessen the blow of disappointments to us somehow.



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