A Tale Of Two Idols’ Sales

American Idol winner Kris Allen and first runner-up Adam Lambert released albums only six days apart in November, just in time for Black [Nail Polish] Friday, and inevitably many media pundits and fans alike saw this sales showdown as a “rematch” of sorts after last season’s Kris-vs.-Adam Idol finale.

Naturally much fuss is being made about Kris’s self-titled album being the first Idol winner’s debut release to fail to crack the top 10 in its first week (it debuted at #11, which under normal circumstances ain’t too shabby for a new artist), and that Kris Allen had the lowest debut sales week of any Idol champ (his tally of approximately 80,000 beat Jordin Sparks’s “low” first-week sales record of 119,000). And likewise, Adam Lambert’s sales coup for For Your Entertainment–projected to debut at #3, with roughly 196,000 units sold–is being (somewhat rightfully) hyped as a smashing success.

But these numbers have to be analyzed closely. Before any detractors assume that Adam “beat” Kris, that Kris flopped, several factors should be considered.

Now, I kind of always suspected that Adam would sell more records than Kris, not the least in part due his higher profile in the media since American Idol wrapped in May. That’s NOT to take away from either singer’s actual talent, but it’s a sad fact of today’s music biz…

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