Some 25 Random Things About Me

1. Just love me or hate me. I don’t want in between. For me, friendship is only black or white.

 2. I don’t eat vegetables. The closest thing I can get to eating vegetables is french fries. I like fruits a lot though.

 3. I have a very strong personality.

 4. I am not really patient. I hate waiting for someone or something. I get really anxious. Patience has not always been my best companion.

 5. I have a slight case of OCD especially when it comes to really important and valuable thing.

 6. Judgy judgers are a pet peeve of mine.

 7. Tennis is my ultimate sport. It’s the one sport that really empowers me.

 8. I’m scared of needles. So don’t expect me to donate blood anytime soon.

 9. I’m really passionate about helping better the environment. That’s one of my long term goals along with helping the less fortunate. In the future, I plan to put up my own charitable organization.

 10. I have vowed to never drink soda and it’s been 9 years since. And I also don’t drink coffee.

 11. I can forever crack my knuckles. I must’ve dislocated a joint or something.

 12. I have very, very low tolerance for cold. Visiting the Antarctica or any place that has snow is out of the question.

13. I am very upfront and transparent. If I don’t like you, it’s either I’d tell you directly or you suffer my passive aggression.

14. Us children have not gone back to our hometown since summer of 2001.

15. I don’t find women who wear makeup attractive. Nothing beats raw, natural beauty.

16. I have an underbite and freckly arms both of which I’m not happy about.

17. I am proud of my roots. In fact, it’s google-able. You have to really know me well first though.

18. I am a movie enthusiast. And I dig classic movies as well. Also, I’m a sucker for good TV shows especially sitcoms.

19. I am a huge Harry Potter fan both the book and the movie franchise. If you have bad opinions about it, please keep them to yourself or else I will slit your mouth.

20. I am rarely late for anything (for school, work, etc). I value time alot.

21. I complain a lot and I’m truly stubborn. It’s a wonder I still have friends. Hehe

22. I believe in regrets. As a matter of fact, I have lots of them. I wallow in misery because of them. I can’t help it. On the other hand, I think it’s good that I have them because they remind me to be more conscientious next time I make decisions.

23. I don’t like eating fancy food. The plainer the food, the better.

24. I have a fragile ego.

25. I have a lot of personal issues I have yet to resolve.


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