Top 3: Results Night

Not a shocker night it turned out. I was right again this time. Danny just wasn’t able to capitalize with his very distinct vocal prowess. It was the one thing that made him a great contender for the title. But I guess it just wasn’t good enough. An Idol should have showmanship and hype about him. He should have that edge, that mojo. And he clearly didn’t have any of it, well except for his mad pipes.

So it’s Kris and Adam in the finale. That’s gonna be a nail-biter, for sure. And I say so because I think that this time around, Kris can definitely give Adam a run for his money. He is very artistic and clearly a lot of women and young girls alike are voting for him. Adam is in his own league since the beginning. He can put an in-your-face performance even doing it over-the-top style and still he pulls it off brilliantly. He was really born to entertain.

It will now come down to smart song choices and how they interpret them in their own flavor and style. It is really easy to assume that Adam is gonna be the sure fire winner if only based on talents, but this competition is much more than that. It is how you capture the audience with every performance you make. The only chance when Kris can outmaneuver Adam is by giving an edgy and creative performance. The moment he attempts to overanalyze what he needs to do and ended up overdoing it, then it’s over for him. Adam is less likely to mess up. He can pretty much get away with doing overboard performances coz well, that’s how he is as a performer. He has already established himself as that kind of artist. So Kris really needs to be smart. I think the simpler the performance, the better chance he’s gonna get in winning the title.

And to be honest until I see the performances next week, I can’t say for sure that Adam is gonna win as I have predicted since the very start. So for now, the competition is pretty much open.

Katy Perry did an okay performance. I don’t like the song much. I guess now we all know who Katy Perry is rooting for. Adam must feel very flattered. And as for Jordin Sparks’ performance, it was an interesting song. It was apparently composed by that guy from One Republic which most of the time makes good music. Sadly, she is not exactly doing well as an artist. Maybe pop music doesn’t fit her well. Oh well, blame it on her management.

Been saying this a lot, but really, I can’t wait for next week! And it’s really anybody’s game at this point.


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