American Idol: Top 3

So there’s no theme this week except each gets to sing twice, his personal choice and the judge’s choice. So here go the performances:

Paula’s choice for Danny: Agree with Randy. This was much better than his previous performances. I think this song really suits him. His vocals were spot on. The hoarseness in his voice really came off perfectly. And he improved a lot with his showmanship. The dancing was forgivable. He isn’t exactly Justin Timberlake but he did okay. He didn’t go overboard and I don’t think he was awkward at all. Good job Danny.

Kara and Randy’s choice for Kris: Agree with Kara. He could’ve done way better. He would have if he did it differently rather than copying the original version of it with the piano and everything. Plus the arrangement was pretty much the same. At this point, he really needed to step it up 10 notches. It is the homestretch now and he has to be over-the-top brilliant and swing it big to make it especially in the company of the other two who have mad vocals.

Simon’s choice for Adam: Don’t really agree. I am not crazy about this one. It’s not that he did a messy performance or a poor one. The first part was brilliant. It was the transition from it to that belting out portion that didn’t work for me. I thought it was kind of sudden. It wasn’t fluid enough. But he’s still got a big lead over those two I believe.

Personal Choices:

Danny: Agree. His best since “Kiss from a Rose”. This was really amazing. It was just simple yet really powerful. This is where he hits home run when he does power ballads. These types of songs are the ones that fit his vocals perfectly. He’s looking to be in good shape.

Kris: Agree. The idea behind it was genius. It was risky. It was bold and it worked out pretty well. Not sure about the vocals but the arrangement and the simple delivery of it made it work for me. He should’ve done the same thing with the first performance. He needed to flip the song around and turn it into something completely new. And look, it worked great for this one.

Adam: Loosely agree. I just realized that Adam and Steven Tyler have different vocals all along as I first initially thought. Again, I am not crazy about this one either. But Simon was right in saying that it is all about finding that person who has what it takes to be a true artist. Someone who is the complete package. Someone who is unique in every sense. And Adam is that one. Whether he made a mess tonight, it wouldn’t matter because all throughout the competition he has proven himself that he can go all the way. And it would be a total shocker if he doesn’t make it to the finale.

Prediction: Danny.


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