Top 4: Results Night

You know what, I honestly had a funny feeling that Allison was gonna get the boot. I was actually debating between her and Kris who was gonna go home. The only reason why I finally chose Kris was because performance wise, Allison did it better. And also I knew that if ever Kris was gonna make it to Top3, it wouldn’t surprise me at all.

It was initially predicted that it was gonna be the guys’ season this year. And lo and behold, the Top 3 remaining are Adam, Danny and Kris. I would have wanted Danny to be out of the equation in lieu of Allison. It would have made a better mix of talents.

So okay, Danny is in. What he can do to make it to the Finale is to go back to where he is best at, powerful ballads. And if next week, he doesn’t do this, then he is done for good. It his best chance and if not, Kris will be more than happy to grab that spot in the Top 2.

Next week is going to be a tight race, at least for Danny and Kris. I mean Adam has pretty much secured his place in final 2. It will only come down to right song for the personal choices. And as for the judge’s choice, they just have to keep true to themselves. That’s the time when they need to work out their artistry and how to be original. Ugh, I surely can’t wait!


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