American Idol: Top 4

Theme: Rock

The guest mentor wasn’t exactly who I expected. It was Slash. Sure he is a guitar icon but he’s not a vocalist. But I understand why the producers chose him. It’s because rock music is all about the attitude. And as part of being one of the world’s most famous rock bands, I think he has earned his legendary status. And I’m pretty sure he knows a thing or two about being a true rock star. So he is actually mentoring the contestants how to rock it out wild and have the right attitude. The theme is not really my cup of tea so I didn’t know for sure how to put standards as to what makes a good rock performance. The duet thing was interesting as well. Allison and Adam was the better duet than Danny and Kris. So the performances were:

Adam: Agree. Not my most favorite performance by him only because I’m not exactly a fan of rock music and therefore I’m not really familiar with most songs. I agree with Simon when he said his performance was kind of understated. But rock music is where Adam feels most at home. Whether underperformed or overdone, he could never go wrong with this theme.

Allison: Slightly disagree. Actually, she and Adam are the ones who can really pull this off. And she didn’t disappoint either. It may have not been the best song choice but she did it pretty well. And her duet with Adam was the best. I mean the blend perfectly. Their vocals were so distinct from each other and nobody was trying to outdo anyone.

Kris: Agree with Simon. It was just a poor performance to be honest. He was clearly the underdog in this week’s theme. Vocally he was a little struggling. Just an average performance, even below average. I think he’s really in trouble.

Danny: Agree with Simon. I thought it was a complete disaster. He was just trying too hard, showmanship-wise. It was very unnatural of him. For me, he is just vocally gifted but not American Idol material. What a waste. And that last note. Oh my goodness. Such horror.

Prediction:  Kris


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