Top 5: Results Night

I know this entry is 3 days late but here it is anyway.

Okay there’s nothing shocking about who got the boot the last time except for the fact that Adam was in the bottom. Heck, it was more shocking that he was actually in the bottom 2! What’s going on? I think his fans were complacent and confident enough to not get on with their usual patient voting. I guess this time it will wake them up that next time they really need to pick up that phone and vote, no matter how awesome his performance that night. As we all know, American Idol lives for shockers like that.

Moving on, I was right to predict that Matt was gonna go home that night. I think he is the weakest among the five, at least performance-wise that night. I was also not shocked to learn that Kris was in the bottom 3 as well. He had a poor performance. Anyway, we are so close to getting into the finale. But it’s still a long way to go and anything can happen. Hope that whatever happens then would not piss me off. I mean seriously there’s clearly a sure fire winner. I’m crossing my fingers. Until then!


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