American Idol: Top 5

Theme: Classic American Songs of All Time

Jamie Foxx? Really now. My goodness, why the hell is he the mentor this week? Sure he is an award-winning artist and actor, but couldn’t they have picked a better artist that really fit the theme? I guess not. I didn’t like this theme at all and so are most of the performances. Let’s begin.

Kris: Agree with Simon. This has got to be his weakest performance yet. I thought the arrangement was poor. His vocals were kind of all over the place. This wasn’t exactly an incredible performance. Actually, it was forgettable.

Allison: Agree. I think she really deserves to be in the Top 5. Heck, she deserves to be in the Top 3. Her voice is so unique that even if she doesn’t go all the way, it would be a total disbelief if no recording label would get her to record an album. But it seems that not many vote for her. I wouldn’t be shocked if she did get the boot tomorrow but I hope she doesn’t.

Matt: Disagree with Simon. This performance bored me to death. This was a completely safe song choice. Actually, I’m gonna retract what I said before. I think Scott or at least Alexis deserved the save card. It’s just disappointing that I actually believed in his talents before. I guess he just couldn’t keep it up.

Danny: Disagree. He just doesn’t know how to put up a show. I’ve been saying this a lot and he keeps on proving this again and again. He surely DOES have the voice but oh boy, his showmanship skills just lack big time.

Adam: Agree. I think we have a WINNER. He really wows me more week after week. I can’t praise him enough. The theatrics, the dramatic entrance, and the high note for crying out loud!

Prediction: Matt


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