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Top 7: Results Night

How straightforward what they did to Lil. I guess the producers thought not to waste so much time and drama with her. I was surprised that Allison was in the bottom 3. What’s up with that? I really think she did great last night. And Anoop going home too was no surprise to me. So, I was right this time for both. I have a feeling that Matt will have trouble next week. He really needs to step it up.

David Archuleta did an okay performance. He was kinda running out of breath. Maybe because it was an upbeat song and he was moving from side to side  a lot. He’s lucky he has a career even though he didn’t make it all the way through. And I like what he said about how you can still live your dreams even though you didn’t win the title. Well said, David.


One comment on “Top 7: Results Night

  1. unitary
    April 24, 2009

    I love this blog!

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