American Idol: Top 7 (again)

Theme: Disco

So it’s Top 7 again since Matt was saved last week. But will he be worthy of the save? Disco is really a hard song to pull off. You have to have energy to do it really well. And it’s double-elimination next week.That should be fun. Let’s see how the remaining contestants fared.

Lil: Agree. Her vocals were kinda wild. It was really a copycat and did it terribly. It’s really obvious that she’s just trying too hard and just hanging in there week by week. The song was not her range at all. And she was kinda off key during the last note.

Kris: Agree. I thought it was a beach-y rendition and in a good way though. It was amazing how he was able to turn a disco song into a more Santana-ish, feel-good version. It was original and had a great arrangement. The song became unrecognizable with this performance which was good because it shows originality and brilliance.

Danny: Agree with Simon. He really lacks showmanship, don’t you think? I mean his vocals are impeccable but he doesn’t have the X-factor. His performance was kinda awkward. He just doesn’t know how to put up a show. What a waste of gift.

Allison: Agree with Simon. What were the other 3 judges talking about? I like the arrangement. I thought her vocals were spot on with this one. And although she was the one who everybody expected to be the underdog for this week’s theme, but I think she did really well.

Adam. Agree. Can this guy ever go bad? And I will quote Randy, “He has it majorly going on.” He is just fantastic and very artistic. And he does know how to put on quite a show, with the drama and all. Everything that he does is unexpected and always turns out great. His vocals are just immaculate. I mean he really has the X-factor. In fact, he is the only who has it. Seriously. He’s really pulling away from others.

Matt. Slightly disagree. I don’t know why the judges like it, really. It was quite obvious that he was really trying hard. I guess at the back of his mind, he’s thinking that he has to deliver great to prove that he was worthy of the save. He cracked under pressure I would assume. The vocal were okay. All in all, he did average.

Anoop. Completely disagree. Where’s the energy boy? The performance really lacked power. And the arrangement? Terrible. He was trying to pull an Adam but he failed miserably. I kinda think he has already lost his confidence and probably conceding that his chances are waning away.

Predictions: Lil and Anoop


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