Top 7: Results Night

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Matt got the boot last night. But wait! More surprise happened. The judges actually saved him from elimination. So nobody really went home last night. I guess I predicted wrong this time. But I really believe that Matt deserves the second if not Scott. And if it happened to be Allison going home, there’s no doubt in my mind that she will get the save card. I don’t think Lil would have gotten the same privilege if she was the one who was supposed to go home.

Next week though will be interesting. Two will be eliminated. Whoah. That’s a cringer. I think that Anoop and Lil are really in trouble. But I won’t be predicting as early as now until I see the performance itself. The only thing that really pissed me off last night was seeing Miley performed. She is such a mediocrity. And what’s up with her head-banging? It’s not even a rock song. It’s a pop song for crying out loud. I’m hoping for a better guest performers next week. Oh, Jennifer Hudson did a great job. she really does have a biiiig voice.


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