American Idol: Top 7

Theme: Movie Theme Songs

Darn it, Scott just missed tonight’s theme by a week! My sister and I believe that he could do really well with movie soundtracks like a song from the Phantom of the Opera. They really should’ve given him the chance. But of course they have made  their decision already. On the other side, this is so far my most favorite theme. Let’s begin.

Allison: Slightly disagree. Well, I didn’t like the arrangement. I thought she overdid it a bit. However, I agree with Simon when he said that she  is the lady’s chance to make it til the end. But like I said, she really needs to step it up and make a b ig splash next time.

Anoop. Kinda agree. I am not a fan but I like his controlled rendition of the song. He didn’t go over the top and made some cheesy stuff with it. I kinda like the mellow approach to the song. He did well.

Adam: Agree. Not his best performance, but he did fantastic. The head-banging was kind of corny. But I think that he is the only one in the competition wherein he can sing a song so different from the original version that others would be doing and seemingly look trying too hard and exaggerated. But with him, it is just pure artistry.

Matt. Agree. He did amazing during the first parts but he lost it towards the end. He had some pitch problems. He also had trouble with his enunciation. He just wasn’t able to sustain the song.

Danny. Agree with Simon. Total disappointment. I didn’t like his phrasing and pacing. His transition from the soft to high notes was really poor. He was missing the ‘climax’ part of the song. i just didn’t see it. It was like a monotone. And I thought he had bad falsetto as well.

Kris. Agree with Kara. I was not familiar with the song. Anyway, I think he made a cool version of the song. It was an average performance. But I think the ‘dramatic’ approach in it works for him. You know, him only with a spotlight and not so much going on except for his presence and voice.

Lil. Disagree with Simon. She did quite well I must admit. I don’t get Simon. This time she really did a good job. For me it’s her best yet. She delievered well for a Bette Midler song.

Prediction. Anoop. Wait, Lil. No scratch that. It’s Anoop.


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