Top 8: Results Night

I know that this is a couple of days due. Anyway, so I was right again. Scott got the boot that night. Even though I would have preferred Lil to have gotten voted off, I was not surprised that Scott went home. In fairness to Lil, she did way better than Scott so it only figures. His last performance was just messy and utterly the wrong song choice for him. As inspiring as he is to the handi-capables out there who got talents and want to pursue their dreams despite any inhibitions, he was just really not American Idol material. Maybe he’s got better career in song-writing and composing music than be the artist himself.

Regarding next week’s guest performances, I am not looking forward to it. It will just be 5 more minutes I can’t take of Miley Cyrus. I insist that American Idol stage is only for those with great talents (say great talents in singing, composing music or at least an in-your-face kind of performer) and she is not any of it. I am not really sure what she’s really good at. I mean she is just average on all areas. Oh well, I guess Jennifer Hudson would suffice for a great performance then.


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