American Idol: Top 8

Theme: Year of Birth

This theme was an interesting theme for me. Not only that most of the contestants were born the same decade as me but also the 80’s was an era of really great songs. But as usual, most of them made some not so wise song choices. Anyhow, here are the performances.

Danny (1980). Slightly disagree. The arrangement was poor especially the pacing. His transition from slow and mellow to up-tempo lacked fluidity and punch. He didn’t however go overboard with his vocals but this time he just did okay all in all.

Kris (1985): Moderately agree. I think that it was a bit karaoke-ish. I agree when Simon said that it was forgettable. But I don’t think he did bas as the judges said. He didn’t do great but he did average. And by the way, he sounded a lot like Jamiroquai that night. Weird.

Lil (1984): Agree. If you sing a Tina Turner song, you have got to have a big attitude. Her songs is not all about the vocals but rather how she feels the story behind the song even each lyric. Sure, Lil has big pipes but she lacks that swagger attitude to back it up at least for this song. Wrong choice of song.

Anoop (1986): Agree. Mr Redeemer of the night. He really did well tonight. I was already doubting his talents. But this time he made a great but subdued version of the song. He must’ve gotten the idea from Adam. Very smooth rendition, great job.

Scott (1985): Agree. It was a messy performance unfortunately. His vocals were all over the place. The song was not really his range. I agree with Kara when she said that it was a bit ambitious. But it was funny and cute when Scott said that it was his chance to show off his punk side.

Allison (1992): Agree. The best thing about her performance was that she didn’t overdo it. The vocals were just spot on. The song was really the perfect fit. I’d be really surprised if she ends up in the bottom 3 tomorrow.

Matt (1985). Agree!! I really, really liked it. I think it’s his best performance yet. He is like a chameleon that adapts to each and every song he does. And I just like to say this, he sounds uncannily similar with Justin Timberlake. I mean really sounds like him. Even the rifts and his falsetto are alike. Isn’t it odd?

Adam (1982): Of course agree. Wow. What a moving rendition. Whether he makes an over-the-top or subdued performance, he just simply doesn’t fail to deliver. And he always deliver big. I really believe that the other slot for the final 2 is secured. I’m almost completely certain. Well, American Idol as we all know lives for surprises. Anything can happen. Oh well, we’ll just gonna have to wait and see.

Prediction: Scott.


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