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Top 9: Results Night

I was right. Megan went home. But who cares who went home last night? Lady Gaga owned the freaking show! She was explosive. And she also had a zipper on her eye. And what’s up with the piano with bubbles in it? She’s totally and outrageously entertaining. And let’s not forget about the great singing as well. Even Simon was wowed by her. Of course the two ladies were up in their feet dancing and screaming like crazy fans. She is really captivating and electric. And today her second song “Pokerface” went to #1 on Billboard Top 100. Woohoo!

Oh, David Cook also performed. I like the song. I think it should’ve been his first single. He did a good job except for the “oohh..oohh..” part of the song where he does falsetto. But all in all, I think he makes a better Idol than Archuleta. So America has made the right choice.


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This entry was posted on April 3, 2009 by in TV Shows.

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