American Idol: Top 9

Theme: Popular Download on iTunes

This was I think the most interesting and relevant theme so far. This is the time when these contestants will be able to gauge which genre of music do they belong in terms of the next generation’s taste. It was disappointing to watch that most of them did not do “popular” music. I mean a lot of young audience watch the show but somehow they stuck with something unfamiliar. So anyway, let’s start off with Anoop.

Anoop: Agree with Simon and Kara. CORNY. Too much swagger. And what energy was he talking? I think that his performance was stiff and seemed forced. His performance is summed up by what Kara said: He was like a frat man just daring to do an Usher song and failing.

Megan: Mostly agree. The problem with this one was she underperformed the song. It was boring enough as the song is but she could’ve done something more to it. The delivery of the song was just blah.

Danny: Agree. This time he did not overdo it. He had great control of the song. The performance was really touching. And like I said last week, he really needs to redeem himself by doing a powerful slow song because to be honest he was really starting to disappoint me.

Allison: Kinda agree. She could’ve done better, really. She just did average this time. This song would’ve made a a big splash if she delivered it big. However she came short.

Scott: Agree. I believe that he only shines behind the piano (well due to obvious limitations). He shines even brighter when he does slow, touching songs. The problem with him and the rest of the bunch is that he would have to climb mountains to be able to gain ahead of front runners Adam and Danny. He and the rest have a herculean task to beat those two.

Matt: Loosely agree. Uncomfortable Simon? I don’t think so. I kinda liked it actually. But I agree with with Simon when he said “He is all of these people he emulates”. Which is a problem because it shows no originality.

Lil: Kinda disagree with Randy and Kara. The song was just too big for her. I know that Lil has big pipes however the song was not in her range. She was a couple of notes under. I mean if you’re gonna sing big songs, make sure you hit those high notes perfectly.

Adam: Agree. Man this guy can sing! This rendition was way better than Danny’s “Black or White”. This song was really his chance to really play and even abuse his vocals without becoming self-indulgent. It was just spot on.

Kris: Agree. He is the most consistent so far. I liked how he was doing different rifts. It was surprising that he can play with his pipes also without looking like he was trying too hard. But when can we actually see her deliver big? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Prediction: Megan.


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